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Personally, I've enjoyed sports, but never had that drive necessary to be #1 .

So, I can ride all day, but find myself dropping back to a comfortable cruising pace, not just hammering it all day long, every day.

And, if I had that drive to go all-out. Pro racing would drive me crazy... ride a race all-out, with the expectation that I would pull aside and let a teammate win at the very last moment?

In football, there are say 50 pro teams of 50 or so players in the USA... so about 2500 pro players that one can compete for a slot.

In cycling... maybe 20 top tier teams globally. Each team has a few racers, but really, it is just 1 rider at the top taking in all the glory, and likely most of the bucks.

One could probably earn a living wage and enjoy some world touring as a 2nd or 3rd tier rider, but for how long, then what?
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