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A brace of Peugeots

Had a couple of wins on Ebay recently (absolutely no alcohol involved).

First one was (I think) an early 1970s 5 speed, which my son's appropriated for college and work - cool retro or something along those lines. The photo is as it was when collected; I've redone the brakes since with new cables and pads, and he's put on new bar tape and changed the saddle (an Ideale No. 39) - "I'm not sitting on THAT, Dad". Against my advice (well, he's a teenager, no chance of listening to Dad) he's taken off the mudguards (the seller included a full rear guard as well as the short one on the bike) and the rack. Rides really nicely now, and the 5-speed works out well for him as the rides to his college and workplace are flat.
No idea what the model is, but I'm sure someone can help me out. The frame number's 2085237, if that helps.

Second one's a Festina Team Replica I bought from a seller in France as a frameset. The frame arrived very well packed and in good condition, only a few minor paint chips. I added a pair of wheels and a set of Tiagra brifters I bought locally, and built it with bits from boxes in the garage. The ride isn't bad at all for a 1990s aluminium frame, certainly a big improvement over my other aluminium bike.

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