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Got burgled today

This is one experience I have not had before. My wife and I were away from home on separate errands for 65 minutes. She returned shortly before I did and smelled cigarette smoke when she unlocked the back door. Since we don't smoke, she left the house and phoned me from our detached garage. I was driving and did not see the call until I arrived about 10 minutes later. At that point, I didn't need to listen to the message because I got it from her.

I went into the house and it reeked of tobacco smoke. I found some cigarette ashes at the base of the stairs and the master bedroom ransacked - went through the house and found no one. I did a lap around the house looking for an obvious entry point and found none. The second lap revealed that the front door had been jimmied and closed as the crook left. So we called the cops.

As it stands (we're still inventorying) we are missing a few thousand dollars worth of silver coins, jewelry, and a laptop. More annoying is that we have had our passports, SSS cards, marriage license, and other non-monetary papers stolen. The most annoying artifact is that our house still smells like cigarettes.

BTW: No bikes were harmed or stolen in this incident.
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