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So sorry to hear, but glad you are all safe.

In addition to what others have said when things calm down talk with the local police and sheriff's office about there Neighborhood watch program. Then invite them to come into your neighborhood to set one up.

Sadly even if we live in an urban/suburban setting, we all seem to live alone these days. No one knows anyone they live next door to. This is a mistake. The greatest security isn't a security camera or security company, the greatest security is a community of people who know each other, each other's cars, kids cars and learn from law enforcement how to keep a watch on their neighborhood. Burglary and in general crime depends on no one noticing. That little blue "Neighborhood Watch" sign entering and leaving your neighborhood tells a criminal people are watching and there's a risk to canvassing and hitting this neighborhood. Also being part of a neighborhood watch takes away the sense of helplessness and empowers you and your neighbors.
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