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Originally Posted by TransitBiker View Post
Budget aside, I’d avoid anything accessories wise that bear the “Schwinn” brand. It’s all brand x stuff licenced to use the brand name. The sealant in the tubes is bad for wheel balance, and can leak out of/clog the valves. Has happened to me.

What exact model tires are these? 65 psi sounds like a fatter tire? There are higher quality 2.5 inch width tires that can be filled to 80 psi. Much lower rolling resistance in general. Without knowing exact model & sizes, I can’t really make any product suggestions or recommendations. My bike has a 2.5 tire on front, and because it’s rated to 55 lbs on the rear rack, I got a 2.75 inch tire on back. That one gets 58 psi max, and the portly profile really helps with shock absorption with a loaded rack. Also helps keep drive traction on the road when cornering - wider contact patch.

- Andy
They're 26 x 1.95 - the bike is from '95 and I think these are still the original rims.

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