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Originally Posted by daoswald View Post
Steps to eliminating the problem:
  1. Find the source; where it is leaking.
  2. Identify what part of the wheel and/or tire was adjacent to the hole in the tube.
  3. Feel around inside the tire and wheel for something sharp. If it's the tire, you may feel glass or a goat head sticking through. If it is the wheel, you may find worn-through rim tape, or a spec of metal debris, or no rim tape at all, or a rough spot near the valve hole.
  4. Rectify the source of the problem -- remove the goathead thorn, or the glass. File off the rough spot inside the wheel. Install fresh rim tape. Those sorts of remedies.
  5. Patch (or replace) the tube.
  6. Re-mount the tube and tires. Pay careful attention to not pinching the tube between the tire and the rim, or slicing it with tire levers.
  7. Re-fill the tires with air.
  8. Ride
Since it happened to both tires, one of the following probably happened:

You rode through a bunch of goathead thorns.
You rode through a bunch of glass.
Your tubes were old, with deteriorating rubber. (When this happens you often get failures at the valve stem or along a seam.)
Your rim tape is too old.
Your rims are both damaged in the same way.
Your weight and load was too much for the width and tire pressure used (pinch flat)

I've had tubes fail catastrophically at the stem, brand new. Riding along and suddenly "poof." I've had them become punctured because rim tape wasn't providing adequate protection. I've seen them punctured by getting pinched while installing really difficult tires. I've had as many as five goat heads on one ride. I've had glass cause a flat. I never have had a pinch flat, except when I wrecked and destroyed the rim too. But they can happen if you run your tires close to minimum pressure for your weight and tire width. All of these things *can* happen to both tires on the same ride, on a bad day.

Find the problem, fix, ride.
We don't have goathead thorns in this area but broken glass is a near constant for me, I also have multiple construction zones I've been dealing with the past few months.
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