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Originally Posted by mcours2006 View Post
Generally not really a safe practice, especially where traffic is going fast. The speed differential between bikes and cars makes it very difficult for both driver and cyclist to react. E.g., car moves at 60 kph and cyclist moves the same direction at 25 kph. Relative speed is 35 kph. A good chance cyclist would survive that crash. Car at 60 kph and bike moves at 25 in opposite direction gives a relative speed of 85 kph. Cyclist will not survive a crash at that speed.

As for motivation, I don't know. Could be ignorance. Could be convenience.

Runners run this way on some roads. But the speed differential isn't quite as severe, and runners ca react much more quickly on foot to dodge out of the way, and also less chance of them losing control/balance on foot.
Correct, but it is hardly because of the speed differential. MOST cyclists are not traveling faster than a good runner in a finishing sprint (~12mph). Good cyclists are holding a ~17mph to ~20mph+ cruise, an Elite runner can just about match the lower end of that range and exceed it (~20mph) in a sprint. I don't know, I don't see a speed differential worth making a whole different rule structure over. I certainly could be wrong, and I've never thought about it till now, but it might be worth learning what the law is in Europe. My guess is that runners and walkers must both move WITH traffic there. Walking against traffic is encouraged here just because. It feels better, on foot, to be able to see the Escalade that is about to smack you into oblivion. Certainly the walker or runner is much better able to leave the asphalt and transition to the soft shoulder if they want to. Doesn't change the outcome, most people are likely to freeze if things ever really went sideways. Certainly in a bikelane runners should move with traffic, not against. Don't see any runners on the streets anymore. Don't know what they do in bikelanes. My guess is more cyclists than not would Salmon if it was legal.
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