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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Its Shimano USA's efforts to finally close off the flood of cheaper priced products from Europe to the US. They list a price and everyone sells it for that. Pretty simple and its done with products in cycling as well as all sorts of other markets.
The secret sauce.... Shimano USA.
Big Shimano gets their revenue once they settle with each respective authorized distributors, regardless of country. So you would like to think it ends there.

But of course, NOT. They don't like a competition problem when those distributors cross over into others territories VIA those distributors official retailers dumping over.

The consumer today can simply finger around a smart phone and shop the world. How one factors selecting a reputable seller, dealing with shipping and duties is all part of the 'fun'.

Actually, its almost crazy how cheap one can buy a complete BRAND new bike with a group CHEAPER than buying the group separate boxed!

Going with that thought, there are clever Amazon seller's offering brand new Shimano parts, out of package because they buy new bikes and strip them for resale. Brand new takeoff parts! Even right down to the cables, trimmed as they be. Rather brilliant marketeers-~

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