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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
wow...that is very wide to commute must be very tireing.
Pun intended?

But still, the idea that wider tires are slower is a misconception from long ago. Of course tires can vary in a number of ways, but a broad generalization is that among tires of similar tread and construction, wider tires actually have less rolling resistance at a given pressure because they deflect less under load. Many people, including myself, who swore that "skinny tires are fast" have discovered the pleasure of riding on wider tires.

As an alternative to having lower rolling resistance, wider tires can also be run at lower pressure for the same rolling resistance, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

So for instance where I might once have insisted on riding 25mm tires at 100 psi, today I ride my longest distances on 38mm tires at 60 psi, and I'm convinced they're my fastest tires ever.
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