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Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
I'm not following.. If Ultegra can be found at a US e-tailer, presumably selling for the approx. $700 I referred to, and this represents MAP supposedly, then 105 I would think would sell for some amount less than this at MAP, and Tiagra even lower than this. Ie. a complete bike with 105 for $600-700 wouldn't be that terribly common.
Even so.. if you can't buy from the UK, you have to be able to buy it somewhere, don't you?
I don't know what MAP prices are for Tiagara/105 groups, but I guarantee if you go to your LBS and compare the cost of upgrading the transmission on your Tiagra/105 level bike at MAP prices vs. the net cost of selling your current bike and getting a new complete bike at that level, the new complete bike will be more cost-effective.
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