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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
I'm confused. You don't mean both tires went flat at once, I hope?
It sounds like a tire blew off the rim, and if that's the case, it either wasn't seated right, or it didn't fit right at all. I would be cautious about that tire, or maybe that tire-rim combination.
I don't use latex tubes, just because I'm a cheapskate. But what you describe can't be blamed on the tube. When a high pressure tire comes off the rim, the damage to the tube will usually be catastrophic
Originally Posted by jimmuller View Post
I'm with @rhm. That doesn't sound (literally) like a faulty tube. Also if the Vittoria Corsa is anything like the pair of Vittorias I went through I'd be surprised it could blow off the rim easily. So I'd suspect a poorly seated bead, or perhaps the tube pinched between bead and rim such that it acted as a wedge between them when pumped up with air.

Or maybe you had defective air. I saw this viral video about defective air in tires, pretty scary stuff.
just the front tire

I was pretty sure i had a good tire seating, rims are mavic open pro..... I check pretty carefully.
Certainly possible that i had a bit of tube pinched between the rim, but in that case I would have expected an immediate issue not after 75 miles. at the point of failure there was nothing like a bump, or hard corner or speed that would have stressed the tire.
not discounting operator error, getting the latex tubes in was a bit of a pain so I could have pinched or nicked them such that a down the road failure like this was in the works.
It was interesting to me that the tire it self once uninflated reverted back to it's flat in the box folded profile, not retaining it's inflated shape at all. could just be a function of time.

defective air is always a possibility.....I have a more focused observation on that

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