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Originally Posted by jimmuller View Post
I'm with @rhm. That doesn't sound (literally) like a faulty tube. Also if the Vittoria Corsa is anything like the pair of Vittorias I went through I'd be surprised it could blow off the rim easily. So I'd suspect a poorly seated bead, or perhaps the tube pinched between bead and rim such that it acted as a wedge between them when pumped up with air.

Or maybe you had defective air. I saw this viral video about defective air in tires, pretty scary stuff.:D
Originally Posted by madpogue View Post
Worst thing is, people release that defective air from their tires into the atmosphere, so you could wind up pumping it into your tire sometime. People really need to release that defective air into a sealed chamber.

(I might have known the guy who's responsible for this. First initial B, last name Adair, so his Email was badair@....)
I had forgotten about this. Reminds me that there was a little old lady who brought her T-Bird into the service station where my brother worked twice a a year to change the air in her tires. Spring time she got rid of the winter air and fall she got rid of the summer air. She insisted on watching to make sure the tires were totally un-inflated and then re-inflated (she was no dummy abvout mechanics being lazy)

possible I got defective air or mixed morning commute air with evening commute air
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