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Originally Posted by caloso View Post
Zwift workout last night. I was trying to do a comparison between what the trainer was showing and what the PM was showing. Trainer was showing 8-10% lower than the PM. Which is weird, I think. From posts I've seen on BF, it seems that the usual discrepancy is that the trainers tend to show higher than the PM. Is that right?
Trainers are typically lower, especially vs pedal based. My Neo is the lowest of my 4 power meters, but my Direto reads high. I'm a middle of the pack B on my Neo and a middle of the pack A on my Direto. Supposedly the Neo is the gold standard for Trainer power measurement so I go with that.

This is based off a test I did with DC Rainmakers power compare software:
Neo - 200 watts
Vectors - 208 watts
Stages - 222 watts
Directo - 225 watts

For all I know the Stages / Direto are the accurate ones; I do have the lowest power totals in group rides (though I'm one of the lighter ones out there).

Power software really needs to be able to have a tag to separate power meters and bikes. I'd love to be able to sort my power by device so I can see my highest 20 minutes each month on each device, or even on my TT bike. Almost all my training this year is on the trainer, and one solid outdoor ride skews everything since I put out about 7-10% more watts outside.
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