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+1 Watch the documentary on McLaren. Amazing, and they are laying up the stuff in their facility.
Originally Posted by crank_addict View Post
Without trying to drift from the OP, carbon fiber and bikes go back to the 1970s. Good, bad or indifferent the use of strong cloth and resin continues to evolve and astound.

A few weeks ago I thought more of about when looking over an early Lola champ car chassis with portions of it carbon fiber. Capable of making but yet had not trusted it enough to surround the driver but was used in bulkhead, largely chassis though.

But today, all top race chassis including just about every component is carbon fiber. Wheels, brakes, all suspension links, etc., etc.. Mind boggling the force and stress with these racecraft at speed. And these are far safer racers then those years ago.

Back to bikes. We're discussing frames and wheels but consider all the carbon used in components today, bars, stems, post, shift / trans, bottom bracket, cranks, even flat pedals for the rigors of off-road.

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