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The other side of large dogs.

Dog owners can be a deluded bunch. There are a great many things they don't realize. Like what it feels like to have their loving 100 lb fuzzball charge and slam into you on your bike at 20 mph, then make a bloody meal out of your leg. As happened to me just yesterday with this dog, photographed an instant before he attacked and bit me, twice, while his self-absorbed owners looked on and did nothing but make lame excuses on behalf of the mutt, and offered me zero assistance afterwards.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your dog is much nicer to you than he is to strangers. I know that might be a major revelation to some, but I think that message really needs to get out there to irresponsible owners of large dogs (are there any other kind these days?) Especially the ones that are are allowed to run loose.
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