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Loose dogs can be a problem, especially in rural areas where they are left to run free and have a gaurding instinct. After years of occasionally having to out run them I now carry bear spray with me so I have another alternative.

Oddly, I often ride and take my own dog on a many kilometers long dike system locally that is considered an off leash area. There you encounter many many dogs running free but very few that act at all aggressively. I don't know if the atmosphere is different, the people are more relaxed or somehow the users self police aggressive dogs out. Sometimes a dog runs up but is more of a friendly curiosity than aggression and I leash my dog when passing others simply because she is young and friendly and still likes to jump up when excited (with muddy paws and all).

I hope you did something at the time in this instance and did not just leave the scene. You can't stop poor behavior by the owners if it goes unreported.

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