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Originally Posted by Clem von Jones View Post
Human behavior is highly variable but dog behavior is very predictable, so the onus is really on the human side of interactions like this. Maybe your parents never told you, "don't run from an angry barking dog" but they should have. From the dog's POV you're a trespasser and their simply doing their job.

So in conclusion: Don't attempt to outrun angry dogs.

Now legally I'm sure the dog's owner is at fault, but I'm blaming you anyway.

I realize that I should probably not get involved in a "dog thread," but I just feel compelled to point out that under certain circumstances the best course of action is to try to outrun the dog. If I am near the far edge of a property when a loose dog runs out and starts chasing me from behind, there is no way that I am going to slow down... and what, unclip? Put a foot down in front of the dogs mouth?

The dog will likely chase for a bit until I am away from its territory and then will get tired or bored and go home. If I slow down, or stop, it will think it caught me... a well behaved dog will jump up and down excitedly, a poorly behaved dog will put its teeth in my leg. No way am I going to put myself in that situation if I can avoid it.

Now, if a dog runs out in front of me, I slow down or stop and try to calm the dog down and make it go home. I am not going to risk hitting the dog and going over the handlebars.

I don't blame the dog in either of these situations. Like you said, the dog is just acting within its nature. I blame the owners who let an unleashed dog out on public roads, endangering the dog and endangering users of the road. I have encountered some dog owners who cannot control their dogs, even when they try. I blame the owners. You should not keep a dog, let alone a loose dog, that you cannot command and that you cannot keep from attacking people, including people who are using public property.... in fact, in most places, doing so is illegal.
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