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Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
2. Peter is setting a new paradigm for bike manufacturing and value proposition. He is a visionary. But a visionary that actually could execute. The complexity of the project is far far beyond what I (any probably anyone else including Peter and team) ever imagined. But it worked. You have to be privy to the supporter forum to grasp a bit of the complexity.
It does require a totally a new paradigm for bike manufacturing and value proposition to build titanium folding bike at that low price, and that is the exact reason I don't believe in him.
Two million dollars may sound a lot but it isn't, at least in first world countries. And it has been THREE and a half years since the funding ended.
If his team consists of only 6 people with average yearly wage of $10K, he had to spend all the money just for the wages.

Which means that his team (or full time employee) cannot be more than a handful... and I don't believe such a small group can make "a new paradigm for bike manufacturing and value proposition".
And delivering a small batch of bikes does not prove that his business model is sustainable. Ponzi scheme works for early investors too.
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