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Originally Posted by Road Fan View Post
But I see you are working on a Peugeot, not an English bike. I don't think they have any threading issues, other than being French-threaded, and there are pairs of French threaded BB cups on Ebay with some regularity. You seemed to indicate spindles are similarly not a problem. Why didn't you go with French-threaded cup/cone? Why did you need to need to "give up and buy the cartridge BB?" Or is the Peug all squared away without the threadless V-O, and the 110-mm part you just got will decide the destiny of you ladies Raleigh?

I have a Bikesmith Design tool for cotter extraction. It worked instantly on my left cotter, but it bent my right one, and it's been several weeks of drilling and filing to get it out. The steel is "soft" but still pretty strong. I'm not very skilled with a hammer.
Two different bikes. I have the original BB parts for the Pug, and they're in perfect condition. I know cotterless spindles that will fit are out there, I tried to find one and I guess somehow, eventually, I might succeed but I was getting nowhere so, that's why the VO bottom bracket.

The Raleigh Sports is a street find, a derelict just reaching the point of no return. Its a later bike, so not anything with real vintage interest. If the BB is corroded garbage inside, I'll save the AW hub and a couple other parts and the rest will head to the crusher.

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