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Originally Posted by GailT View Post
Sounds like you have confused mountain lion and bears. There have many incidents of mountain lions stalking and attacking humans. Read "Beast in the Garden". There have been many more incidents after that book was published.
A few years ago, the ex-husband of an old friend and former student of mine (I was a TA in legal research and writing) was attacked and partially consumed by a grizzly while working in Yellowstone. The bear then cached his body. It's believed he came upon it and her two cubs.

In 2016 or so, two relatives were MTB-ing on U.S.F.S. land not far from Glacier National Park. The lead guy was bombing a wooded descent at up to 25 mph. Came around a bend and hit a grizzly, which proceeded to maul him to death. He was a Forest Service cop. The pal, who I think was his brother in law, came upon the scene, but there was nothing he could do so he rode off. Accident reconstruction calculated that, depending on riding speed, he had between 1 and 3 seconds to react after seeing the bear. The deceased had upper body/limb injuries consistent with flying over the handlebars, which is why they think he struck the animal and pissed it off. The animal eas not hunted because there were no signs of predatory behavior. (I.e., It did not eat and/or cache the body.)
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