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Originally Posted by mixteup View Post
I'm sure this has been answered, somewhere, before, but maybe someone can give me the short answer -
I have a mid 50's Hercules, with a B type 3 hub, the kind with a threaded driver.
Since I'm old and weak, I'd like to put a larger cog on the hub.
So, is the hub a standard freewheel thread, and I can just use a cog like those commonly used to convert a regular freewheel bike to a single speed "fixie" ?
Like this :
Is it that simple, or ..........?
Looking forward to hearing answers about this. There are also 2 other possibilities, but I can't say firsthand if they would work. First would be to swap in a Sturmey Archer 3 splined driver. The other would be to install a whole Strumey Archer AW hub guts into the Hercules hub shell.
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