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Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
According to his timeline, he should have started setting up the factory / adjust component / adjust design by September 2015, which all need manpower. What have he done for two years then?

What I am saying again is that such a few people cannot make "a new paradigm for bike manufacturing and value proposition".

You need to pay enough to hire good people, whether it is a startup or not.

He still need to get the equipment, lease the space, buy parts for >1,000 bikes, make the frame, assemble the bike and ship them with the money.

Delivering a handful of bikes does not prove that his business is actually sustainable.
Why do you care so much? The bikes are being delivered. Let the bikes be tested in the real world and assuming they pass muster, let the Helix team figure out if all their efforts/sacrifice/magic pixie dust can be harnessed into a viable business model.
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