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Originally Posted by free_pizza
im going to piggy back on this thread instead of making a new one, as its a kind of similar question (KIND OF )

Can you buy bash guards that fit on 3 ring cranks? Or are they only available as 2 ring + bash guard sizes?
Blackspire makes what they call an XC Guard that mounts outside your big ring so you can still run all three. You'll need longer chainring bolts to mount it and you may need to check derailleur clearance, but that's about it. The reason I recommend this one is that it has the cutout for your crank arm (like the old Girvin Rock Ring had). To space it outside your big ring, it needs this relief to clear the arm. You could conceivably use any bash guard and hack out a relief for the crank arm but you might weaken it; the Blackspire is engineered to accomodate the relief.

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