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Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
What I am saying again is that such a few people cannot make "a new paradigm for bike manufacturing and value proposition".
Maybe you should watch out for the early teams of Apple, Google, Facebook or any other company that came out of a garage in the last 50 years. Or look how "big" Brompton was in the early 90ies regarding the number of staff.... You are really making a fool out of yourself with your statements.

Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
He still need to get the equipment, lease the space, buy parts for >1,000 bikes, make the frame, assemble the bike and ship them with the money.
There was a calculation about the cost of materials somewhere in this thread quite a while ago if I remember correctly. Totally feasible. Regarding the money: Definitively he got additional money via preorders, possibly he invested own money as well and maybe he got other sources additionally like i.e. governmental support for founders, a silent investor or whatever. Honestly: Why do you care? And why do you speculate so heavily w/o any knowledge or evidence?

Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
Delivering a handful of bikes does not prove that his business is actually sustainable.
Time will tell. How come that you are so begrunding and distrustful instead of being happy for the backers that they finally get their bikes delivered after such a long time (and for Peter to have made it to the finish line)? Did you not back the campaign back then because of distrust or meanness and are now jealous that you will not get a Helix below the market price that you are going as berserk as you do? You really show a very strange behaviour.
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