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Originally Posted by squirtdad View Post
Not bashing, but sharing a couple of interesting (or so I thought) observations from my mechanic (don't use a lot, but buy parts from)

This guy as been wrenching for 20 years and works at a shop that builds frames, The sell Rivendell, Jones, etc. the guy works on everything and is not a carbon hater

On Road Tubeless he noted that he saw a tech article from USA cycling noting that there is increased rim cracking without tube usage, due to the pressure of the bead on the rim IIRC, he noted he has seen some rims this way

On carbon, for a while he and a partner sublet space to a guy who did carbon frame repair. The guy did a lot of top tube repairs, right where you rest you leg on the frame at a stop, apparently a lot of high end frames are not designed for this stress
Cheap Chinese tubeless carbon rims are trash - out of four wheels and one new rim every single one of them delaminated at only 80 psi. Four of them the separation was at the bead. One of them went 3" out of true when inflated - this was a delamination down in the aero part of the rim. I am told that there are American made carbon aero rims that do not do this. The prices I've seen is some $2,000 or so for a wheelset.

Aluminum rims such as Campy or Mavic or Fulcrum do not break out here IF you do not have excessive wear. However you have to remain very aware that these new wheelsets are designed to be ultralight and that the braking surface is not long lived.

The cheap Chinese clinchers have a different design around the bead and so these clinchers seem to perform well. But you should always remember that the tubeless delamination shows that the method of manufacture is not all that great and you always have the chance of a clincher coming delaminated at the worst possible time.

Another thing about tubeless tires - you HAVE to have real tubeless tires. They really are different than a clincher with a deep bead area. A real tubeless put together initially and correctly will inflate with a regular floor pump. You do not need these "tubeless inflator pumps". They will also hold air without a sealant in them. Though you shouldn't run them that way.
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