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Originally Posted by OBoile View Post
USADA are officials, not participants.
I got that. Maybe we are talking past each other. Cycling has so many rules along with PEDs they cannot possibly enforce them at reasonable cost while respecting the rights of individuals.
Unlike police work, I don't think randomly catching some as a deterrent works, and it is certainly not "fair". Rules need to be enforceable.

It would be like telling folks that all Strava records have to be done obeying laws. It just is not going to happen. The rider that turns right to avoid a red light, U turn, right again may be immoral to some, while others will just blow through as long as it is clear. As an observer, I would rate their integrity on how they acted vs what they agreed to. But I'd bet, the winner would be of the lower integrity (they'd run the lights). So why would someone who agrees to obey all rules even play? They wouldn't. Cause they would have no chance. An uphill Strava - well, maybe. Even then folks have a hard time figuring out what a bike is (Gaimon - who was riding a non-road bike baiting folks like me).

My point is unless you can really enforce things, there is little point in making a rule about it, and the winners will be the ones that ignore the rules, or artfully dodge them - most of the time. The "moral" ones, don't play.
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