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I've been sickly for going on what, 7 weeks or so? Never really recovered from a cold I had in December. Combined illness with rainy weather and reduced volume due to being on the trainer when I felt well enough, but not doing any real intensity until I felt really healthy, I'm far out of shape and fat af. 193lbs! I was looking at pictures from Hawaii a few years back when I thought I was fat then and would kick my dog to be that skinny right now.

Anyway, onward and upward. I'm hopeful that 193lbs is the high-water mark and that some sunshine and return to a typical training load will bring some springtime flowers, or whatever that saying is. As everyone's favorite Tim said, everyone has setbacks, but it's the good riders who work through them.

For today, I'm actually just enjoying being not-sick. It's a start.
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