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Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
I just SCANNED through my email with weekly update from this thread. Did not read it all.

A few comments as a backer that is somewhat active in the Helix supporter forum. Here are my opinions - just that - opinions:

1. Peter's clarity of vision is what gave me assurance that this project will be completed so I invested in multiples.
2. Peter is setting a new paradigm for bike manufacturing and value proposition. He is a visionary. But a visionary that actually could execute. The complexity of the project is far far beyond what I (any probably anyone else including Peter and team) ever imagined. But it worked. You have to be privy to the supporter forum to grasp a bit of the complexity.
3. I believe that the Helix will put a lot of pressure on other high end manufacturers such as the Brompton mentioned in these threads. It really is a fresh paradigm.
4. His perfectionism did delay the bike, but was welcome by some including myself. I am unlikely to repurchase it in the future if the first iteration worked poorly.
5. Now that the first ones are shipping, clearly the vision is coming into being so all the naysayers, reasoned though some may be, are happily (presumably) proven wrong. This is good for all - supporters and naysayers as it elevates the industry. (Looking forward to his electric drive when it comes to fruition.)
6. Durability should be excellent - it is actually overbuilt and the later bikes will eventually be a bit lighter. Peter sent just one sample (instead of multiples as of parts as is customary) of each part to be stress tested to industry standards far beyond the norm.
7. The decision to keep the Helix 'forum' private to supporters is probably a wise one - there're already an incredible amount of chatter there. If it was open to public, the static could have been completely unmanageable. Support has it privileges....
8. I think this is already one of the better success story of Kickstarter and in time, may prove to be one of the best successes of Kickstarter. It is not often that one has the opportunity to redefine what is possible in a long/well established industry. Looking forward to the documentary some day....
9. I did wonder publicly if Peter's forum short snippets revealed a lot to his competitors who may seek to emulate his approach - perhaps, but apparently one of his secret is finding people who are top in their field to be on the team. Great people are hard to find.
10. There's a certainly humility and strength of character about Peter (and his wife I'm sure) as I read his updates. He has been wonderfully unruffled by some strong words sent his direction.

The above just the top of my head. I don't really follow this forum much anymore since I ordered the Helices () as I found my lifetime bikes so if you send me queries, I may not see them. .
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