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Originally Posted by OBoile View Post
USADA are officials, not participants.
Are you implying that you think it is okay to cheat? Does honesty mean nothing to you?
I'm stating that the willingness to "cheat" is pretty much required to win pro sports. I don't see every rule deviation as cheating. I leave it to the officials. In the Lance case - the officials had nothing to do with it (until 9 or so years later - politics).

Do you watch pro sports? If so, you are likely a supporter of cheating. Many do not have that conflict as they think sports do not involve cheating and really don't want to see how the sausage is made.
Making sausage involves killing intelligent pigs and putting other generally un-sell-able animal parts into an intestine. Sold as Italian Sausage, it is really good stuff.

I seriously doubt a NFL team does not benefit from someone cheating. Same true for most other sports. It is too hard to catch.

On the personal note that you introduced - Honesty means a lot and why I encouraged my very capable of being a pro son, not to be a pro. The politics, the money, and that and he wanted to be a fighter pilot were also factors.

Anyway, no sport is effectively officiated by shaming/moral code. The "moral" folks are called the loosers. Just how it is.

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