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Originally Posted by berlinonaut View Post
Maybe you should watch out for the early teams of Apple, Google, Facebook or any other company that came out of a garage in the last 50 years. Or look how "big" Brompton was in the early 90ies regarding the number of staff.... You are really making a fool out of yourself with your statements..
University-based software startup is totally different from hardware startups because they need almost nothing. Hardware startup is vastly harder to maintain, especially if you do not outsource manufacturing. That's why most of the KS hardwares end up vaporware, or arrive too late and too expensive. Also Brompton did not promise massively cheaper price as Helix did. On the other hand, Brompton are still many times more expensive than its peers.

Originally Posted by berlinonaut View Post
Why do you care? And why do you speculate so heavily w/o any knowledge or evidence?
Because it doesn't make any sense. If they can really make titanium frames at such a low price, they can instantly get tons of money by making road bikes and mtb frames first - which are vastly easier to build as well.

Originally Posted by berlinonaut View Post
How come that you are so begrunding and distrustful instead of being happy for the backers that they finally get their bikes delivered after such a long tim
Because a) they are making totally outlandish claims b) they missed the delivery date by THREE years c) they are extremely secretive about what they are doing.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" said Carl Sagan.
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