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Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
Because it doesn't make any sense. If they can really make titanium frames at such a low price, they can instantly get tons of money by making road bikes and mtb frames first - which are vastly easier to build as well.
Because a) they are making totally outlandish claims b) they missed the delivery date by THREE years c) they are extremely secretive about what they are doing.
Helix did NOT want to make road bikes or MTBs: that wasn't the point. The founder wanted to build a better folding bike - maybe to prove a point. Haven't you ever done or experienced something and thought, "Cripes, I can do THAT better!" Why do you think everybody on this forum was going bonkers when this thing was proposed? Because it was a better mousetrap. Just because there are easier paths doesn't mean everybody is going to take it. Not everybody wants more road bikes or MTBs. Does the world need more mousetraps? No, but that isn't the point. It's a free world: he wanted to build a near impossible folding bike - let him try.

Outlandish? It would be outlandish if the bike never materialized. It did. Will it succeed as a business? Who knows - let them have a go at it. Are you a business consultant for start ups or something?

Three years late. Yeah.. that's Kickstarter. You pay your money, you roll your dice, you take your chance - win or lose. If anybody went in thinking they'd get was promised in record time, they'd be a fool.

Secretive? Bloody why not? Do you want your idea ripped off? And backers got updates - sometimes very detailed updates - once Helix had its gears (pun intended) up and running. Why should Helix give out what they're doing to non-backers or non-investors? If you didn't put your money down, you don't have the right to know what's going on. We're not talking about national security. It's a BIKE. And if you didn't invest in it, why do you even care so much?
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