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Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
Because I smell a lot of BS.
So? Almost nothing you argue has not already been rabidly discussed in nauseating detail in over 60 pages on this thread. YOU smell BS - exactly how is that furthering discussion? You have some inside knowledge no one else has? If so, since you seem so devoted to transparency, then please do share. Many hope this will succeed; nobody is so deluded into thinking it is guaranteed to succeed in the long term - that remains to be seen. Negative speculation is just as pointless as positive speculation. The bike is now out in the wild and the company is ramping up to deliver the goods. Let it happen. If the bike is as good as it claims, the market demands it, and if the Helix team can deliver it, it'll be great. If not, then it will join the millions of other well intentioned but failed product attempts. It's a BIKE.

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