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Originally Posted by Jipe View Post
Besides the wages for the people, there are also the costs of the manufacturing factory that was absolutely not foreseen in the original KS project and therefore these costs were not taken into account in the estimation of the Helix price for the KS project.
The costs of the people and the factory must have been forseen, just expected to have been paid to a manufacturing partner who would bear these, rather than spent in house.

The cost of setting up a factory and manufacturing processes would also have to have been considered, but they would not have accounted for that being from scratch.

So some saving on manufacturing partner margins set against increased development costs.

Ti tubing and most parts seem to have been purchased at the outset.

We have covered this before but as far as we can see, Helix has never employed more than two people excluding founder and family until they were ready to begin assembly. Initially it was junior design support resources. Later these were replaced by a master welder and a master machinist.

It has been stated that much of the factory equipment is leased and that equipment providers have provided expertise at points.

As has been posted previously, there has been some additional funding declared. Helix have offered reassurances that the existing funds are sufficient to fullfill all back orders.

We don't know how much the cost per unit of the bikes is. The unit cost will depend on volume throughput that can be acheived against the fixed overheads and variable costs and on volume of demand in due course. Helix seems to have been pretty consistent in their target price throughout.

Based on the evidence backers have seen, i can be reasonably confident that the factory exists and has the capability to produce finished bikes.

It remains to be seen if Helix can and will deliver all back orders and run as a successful business. Any opinion either way is conjecture. Some opinions seem less informed/reasoned than others.
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