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Originally Posted by Raxel View Post
Because it doesn't make any sense. If they can really make titanium frames at such a low price, they can instantly get tons of money by making road bikes and mtb frames first - which are vastly easier to build as well.
Helix set out to build a Helix.

As often happens, in that journey they have developed unplanned new capabilities and IP to acheive their goals within the original parameters.

You are right to note that those capabilities now represent a number of opportunities for Helix to disrupt other parts of the market and make more good money. Those opportunities will take time and money to develop to fruition and may be realised in due course.

In the meantime, Helix seems, to their credit, to be focussed on meeting their commitments to those that funded them by delivering Helix bikes and establishing that as a business.
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