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A chaincase I bought off British eBay arrived yesterday. Since I never had one to take off, I wasn't sure how to put it on, but it looks like the only way to get it in place is to slide the open portion, which is not visible in the photo, though those in a position to answer the question know what I'm talking about, over the dropout, which is what I did for this photo, (and to make sure everything lined up properly). The thing is, the two halves of the case are touching at that point. It took a lot of wiggling to get it over the dropout, and then, there was some bending of the metal at that point of the chaincase that I had to bend back in place. Once I get it repainted, I don't want to struggle with it quite so much and damage the paint. Can I pull that opening out a little bit wider to fit it over? Or is it normally a struggle to get them over the dropouts? The seller said he pulled it off a 1950 Raleigh Sports. He started to sand it, and then decided he would go for a different look on the bike. It seems to fit a 1952 Raleigh Superbe Sports Tourist just fine, though of course that's without the wheel, chain, and chainring in place.
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