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Originally Posted by Doge View Post
I got that. Maybe we are talking past each other. Cycling has so many rules along with PEDs they cannot possibly enforce them at reasonable cost while respecting the rights of individuals.
Unlike police work, I don't think randomly catching some as a deterrent works, and it is certainly not "fair". Rules need to be enforceable.

My point is unless you can really enforce things, there is little point in making a rule about it, and the winners will be the ones that ignore the rules, or artfully dodge them - most of the time. The "moral" ones, don't play.
No rule is ever 100% enforceable. By your standard, you'd have no rules.

Originally Posted by Doge View Post
I'm stating that the willingness to "cheat" is pretty much required to win pro sports.
For some sports, this is the case. Not all.
Originally Posted by Doge View Post
I don't see every rule deviation as cheating.
That's pretty much the definition of cheating.
Originally Posted by Doge View Post
I leave it to the officials. In the Lance case - the officials had nothing to do with it (until 9 or so years later - politics).
Who cares? He did the crime. He deserves the punishment he received.
Originally Posted by Doge View Post
Do you watch pro sports? If so, you are likely a supporter of cheating. Many do not have that conflict as they think sports do not involve cheating and really don't want to see how the sausage is made.
I'm not so naive as to believe everything or everyone is playing honestly. I simply want the ones who aren't to be punished when caught.
Originally Posted by Doge View Post
I seriously doubt a NFL team does not benefit from someone cheating. Same true for most other sports. It is too hard to catch.
Sure, but the fact that refs miss a bunch of calls doesn't mean they should stop trying to officiate the game. The fact that some players manage to beat drug tests doesn't mean they should be dropped completely.
Originally Posted by Doge View Post
On the personal note that you introduced - Honesty means a lot
Based on your posts, I don't believe this at all. If honesty mattered, you'd be happy Lance was punished.

Originally Posted by Doge View Post
Anyway, no sport is effectively officiated by shaming/moral code. The "moral" folks are called the loosers. Just how it is.
That may be true in many cases. Some of us would rather be/support moral losers than dishonest winners. Others don't seem to care.
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