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Originally Posted by steppinthrax View Post
These were the EF51 shifters which are pretty good. Yeah I had the same logic, this stuff is cheap anyway so why would anyone fake it. But apparently people do.
They are a popular OEM spec on cheap bikes and for a while generally function as good as that quality level can. However I wouldn't call them pretty good. Mediocre, sure, cheap, sure, getcha by for a bit, sure.

It would be nice if they, Shimano built a nice high quality thumb shifter that was of XT quality but Altus price which could be done quite easily these days considering thumbies are used a lot less and the technology has been around for a while.Use less plastic and more metal and make something that ups the quality of the shifter (and useability) but doesn't cost a ton then get it as OEM spec for different manufacturers and make everyone happier. Also do the same for derailleurs as well. All they need to do is copy the old Deore/XT derailleurs from the late 80s and early 90s and just crank those suckers out. It is old technology that lasts and isn't crapola.

I would buy an early 90s clone groupset that is similar priced to today's low end blech. They already made the designs and since the technology has gone farther ahead rehashing them for today probably wouldn't be so bad? I would love to be able to sell someone a cheaper bike and not have to see them often for recurring problems with the components or the same problems repeated for a lot of different clients at different shops. Get rid of these nasty cheap plastic parts and go back to good ole' metal.

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