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Originally Posted by venturi95 View Post
+1. I never had enough disposable income for a Riv, at those prices I never understood why someone wouldn't just go to a custom builder instead. Until recently I just had a cheap late 80s - early 90s index shifting mountain bike for touring, commuting, bicycle assisted loitering while wearing hush puppies, etc.
If I ever start my own business I'm sure as hell going to try and get Grant to handle the marketing!
I dropped out of school in 1977 and got a job at a gas station to buy and race the first Campi Super Record bike I ever laid eyes on. I was better at nailing shifts with friction than almost all the guys I raced with. When indexing came out I was very impressed, when 8 speed STI came out I was in love. Been riding Shimano Dura Ace exclusively since then on the road and never had one single issue with it, never understood the hate or worry about STI. Everything else is a distant second place.
I hear you on the cost thing. But eBay can be a wonderful place. I picked up two really nice Waterfords in the last 10 years for a song. There is no difference in quality on their earlier non custom built frames vs their newer custom sized ones. Actually buying an older one is easier to find your size. You can easily pick up an 853 frame for $500 without too much trouble.
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