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@OBoile rather than re quoting let me try to summarize my thoughts on doping, Lance etc.

Cycling, as in all sports, is a secular event that participants of many beliefs, and moral codes can do. As such it is important that rules cover all areas to ensure fairness and that these rules can be enforced by those officiating. This is a requirement for professional sports used for entertainment. It is nice for recreational sports too, but under the thread topic - speaking of pros.

Originally Posted by OBoile View Post
... I simply want the ones who aren't to be punished when caught.
When: Should be what is generally acceptable. Better yet spelled out. For most rule violations, it should be before starting the next race. For drug testing it should be a time shortly after test results come in. It should not be months and years later. This hurts the sport more than the benefits of catching someone.

Caught: The officials need to be able to catch (enforce) the rules that they make - at a rate riders are convinced they will be caught. Because of the differences moral codes of riders some things are OK for some and not for others. There should not be an expectation professionals will follow un-enforced rules that are not to their perceived benefit.

So Punishment (when caught) is good. Punishment should be for being a deterrent to others doing it, more than justice.

So rather than make drug list so long and hard to manage, make them short. Stop the things that can be enforced, leave the rest off the list.

If the list was small then pros would certainly take the legal PEDs they thought helped, and stay away from the ones they would expect to be caught by using.

I certainly hope for safety sake that most the ones they can't detect of enforce do not have the same health risks. But cycling is hazardous. Taking a corners too fast or sprints, you can die!

Some would think it immoral to use any PEDs, some would have no issue with it. The ones that didn't want to take legal PEDs would choose not to be cycling pros.

I met some juniors that thought eating meat was immoral. Finding vegan cyclists is not hard. Finding vegan World Tour pros is. There is likely a reason for that. There are rules, they should be enforced. If they cannot be, they should not be rules.

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