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Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
Yeah, I think that's how I understand that setting works. I was asking whether your selected setting shows up in the FIT file generated after your ride?

Also, just my $.02 on "trainer difficulty", if I do understand what it does correctly: Basically I think of this setting as a means to change the gearing on your bike, without needing a credit card to buy another crank, cassette and/or bike.

Watts are watts and you won't be going any faster, but can spin happily up a 18% grade (eg. maybe only going 2-3mph in zwift). The gearing on your real bike on the trainer could be more suited to flatter routes, and you would not likely want to invest in another bike for Zwift's 18% inclined areas. That would be silly when this is avoided by simply using the inherent built-in benefit of a smart trainer to emulate ride conditions AND/or bike gearing setup.
I think you are right about the gear analogy. For me, I want to replicate my bike and power exactly. I use smart rollers and have actually ran out of gears on a climb.....that was a hairy moment because you have to keep moving lol.
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