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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
our temperatures are nice right now and the sun is out for once. But I'm sure there is ice all over the place out on the kind of roads I want to ride on. I do have a free route that lends itself to winter riding. But a couple of years ago I resolved to never do R12 again unless I travel to places that never see snow/ice, so it probably isn't going to happen this year either.

However, looking at the weather, there is probably a window for a 200k on Saturday.
Lumberton, NC -- it never snows there -- almost never.
2 perms -- 1 flat, 1 has some climbing (but Happy Valley residents would likely not even notice).
1 pop -- flat.
U could get your monthly R and P rides in one weekend.

Some Ohioans did the R & P thing -- and maybe made a trip to the beach afterward.
A couple others have done just their R-ride.

Just be sure to contact the route owner with sufficient time for U to mail the route-owner the signed waiver BEFORE the ride / BEFORE he will send soft-copy cards and cues.
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