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Originally Posted by SHBR View Post
I prefer not to get "knocked off my bike" and if I did, I would seriously consider a new hobby and/or a different place to ride.
There is a nationally prominent discussion board that has a number of sub-fora that I participate in. I will not, however, participate in their cycling forum because it is a sub-set of the 'Hobbies and Recreation' suite of topics and for me cycling is hardly what I would consider a hobby. Do you consider driving a hobby? Most do not. It is transportation. A cyclist that commutes Monday through Friday by bicycle on the very same roads, and in the very same weather conditions that motorists do, should not have to discuss their activities under the 'hobby' umbrella. IMO. But I take your point. After a 3rd fender bender I would probably hire a chauffeur and cancel my car insurance.
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