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Originally Posted by cat0020 View Post
Rides being more dangerous at higher speed is universal, not just to individual.
If a bike is designed & geared at the factory to be ridden at slower pace, changing the gearing for faster riding is simply inefficient and dangerous.
Like I said in my previous post, there are plenty of other bikes that can go faster more efficient.
Folding bikes are just not meant (and inefficient) to be ridden at sustained higher speed, that's not limited to each their own.
Actually, changing the gearing isn't inefficient and dangerous, it's just something a person decides to do because they feel they can afford to do so.

I've upgraded less expensive folders before,... And I've done so with the blessings, and even assistance, of bike company reps, as well as bike company owners. You saying it's dangerous and innefficient is your personal opinion.

As for riding a folder at higher speeds,...there's nothing wrong with it. If a person is capable of doing so, so be it. Again,...what you stated is your personal opinion,...not a fact. This forum is all about updating and upgrading.
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