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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I know it would be weird to k-hound and not R-12, but I have done the R12 a couple of times and didn't even bother to get the medal.
Me, 3 x R-12. Never got the medal.
I've gotten to R-10 & separately R-11 since, but December weather, bad December head colds, and work schedule have conspired, resulting in no R-rides in December, probably since 2013.

As for K-Hounding without an R-12, look up results for Everette Grover (or maybe it is Grover Everette).
No R-12 (if I recall correctly).
Btw, if you look up his results, you'll notice that his rando riding suddenly stopped.
Because some a** bashed into him while he was riding and he passed from this world.

I reckon that some others have K-Hounded without getting an R-12 (or at least not in the year they Hounded).


I have thought about getting one or several of the P-12 badges to which I am entitled.
Probably to sew onto a drop bag to make said bag more easily recognizable.
Maybe I'll do that one day.
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