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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I hope you get better soon.

Indoor training is essential for me, my winter fitness is all based on trainer work. I use trainerroad. It really depends on your personality, I like following a training plan. Only doing rides outside now because I want to khound. What I found was I just couldn't make my self ride outside enough to stay in shape.

As far as khound goals, I figure there isn't much difference in miles if I skip riding outside now vs skipping it. I always was going to get the bulk of my miles once the weather gets better.

iTrod did a 300k last weekend. I went with my family to Las Vegas, where I mostly tried to keep from having asthma attacks from all the smoking. Had to take prednesone the whole time. Joy.
Lol, smoking indoors? I haven't been somewhere that still happens since I was in England in the early 00s.

I saw central Florida is having a brevet week, that is tempting to think about doing too...

I've started doing trainer workouts at an LBS that has them, they're 15$ a session so not bad since we get to use the most expensive wahoo kickr. The program has a graph like the ones I see from Trainerroad on strava and a person leading them with some tunes, and there's a bunch of other people suffering along with you too. Apparently zwift has workouts you can do while zooming around their virtual world. I follow a few people that are avid zwifters since they live in colder, snowier parts of Canada and they seem to be having fun with it... both are very strong riders too so I think there's some good from doing some trainer stuff. I dunno if I'd get my own expensive kickr or just get a power meter and do it on the rollers...
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