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Originally Posted by radroad View Post
LOL, someone's getting defensive. Bike repair ain't rocket science, son. Most bike mechanics are minimum wage employees and no educational background is required.

As far as your specific points, a high quality truing stand runs for $40, $50 tops. A good quality torque wrench, the same. A cheap toolkit (as you put it) is more than sufficient for 95% minimum of home mechanics, probably closer to 99 or even 100%. "Quality" Allen keys, lol. Put down the JD and come to your senses.

I bought a $6 multi-tool 15 years ago at supergo and it still works perfectly.

The data is in. Bike shops are closing at a record rate. They're unnecessary. More and more people are discovering that they can save thousands of dollars by buying direct and learning some very basic wrenching along the way. No amount of typing on your part can change this reality.

I already posted the industry data. Take a look at one of my previous threads.
You know what I will leave your to your delusions. You probably are a rocket scientist also and probably the best one there is. There was a good video on youtube that shows you how to be a rocket scientist and clearly you must have watched it. You are the best mechanic ever and nobody could ever be better than you and your 6 dollar multi tool is the only tool you need. Enjoy the delusion, friend : )
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