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Sounds to me like you're getting pressed stressed right now. I recommend breathing exercises. Breathe in and out. Just normal breathing. All you have to do is pay attention to the point at which breathing in becomes breathing out and vice versa. There now. Isn't that better?

Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
Do you remember believe from the video that fitness equals VO2Max and endurance equals percent vo2max? Which is silly... There is a whole lot from your video that IMO isn't worth analyzing or arguing over, let alone quizzing someone.

You need to define what you think that relationship is before your question makes any sense. If you're referring to metabolic efficiency then NO it does not necessarily reflect fitness. It sometimes improves for an individual when he becomes more fit. I hope that you see that there is a difference there,
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Look I don't care if you want to be a BS artist but don't do it off of my posts because I'll feel insulted and point out where the BS is. In this case the BS is that "managing" those "programming variables" has absolutely anything to do with the points I was making to Hermes. They don't, because that variability invalidates your method, and you can't just say "keep everything consistent, even stuff that I don't know about" and expect that to dismiss it.

. You're just saying just buzzwords anyway. "Manage your life stress if you want to train properly" for example - don't even pretend that we're suckers enough to let a pretend fitness guru go there.
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