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Ouch. That hurt. Fortunately, I called it right and CD was right at 5%

Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Sat = Workout 1 of "endurance" block = 90 minutes with 10% drift and 129 bpm
Sun = Workout 2 of "endurance" block = 90 minutes with 5% drift and 133 bpm
Today = 90 minute "tempo" workout

  • Sat/Sun = Endurance block due because I couldn't fit in 90 minutes on either day
    • A side benefit of weekend endurance blocks is that they allow a pseudo 9-day microcycle which also aligns with calendar week
  • Sat metrics impacted by poor nutrition and much beer consumed Fri
  • Sun drift a bit lower than what I'd like to see so will increase power for next endurance block
  • No adjustments to power for today's session even though load indicators suggest drift may be low today ; If so, then will establish new baseline for this duration
Edit - I just noticed that drift only hit 10% once and that was with 50% less than normal recovery so I've decided to increase today's workout power, especially given load indicators

Edit #2 - Worth specifically pointing out that the 10% drift coinciding with a drop in HR, indicating suppression from fatigue.
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