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i did an experiment on my Fuji Sportif, going form stock wheels and stock, lightly treaded tires to a set of light metal wheels with Conti Ulrasport II, to a set of light (about 1400 gram) carbon rims with Hutchinson Fusion 5s. The bike was noticeably more lively with the lightest gear---but I must have been saving almost a couple of pounds. Going from 28s to 23s, I might be saving a few hundred grams. Would I notice it? Possibly. Would the ride be more comfortable? Almost certainly. Would my overall average speed over a specific route given similar rest and nutrition be quicker or slower? I don't care because every ride is different anyway ... but also because i don't race. A tenth of a mile per hour over a 20 mile ride doesn't matter to me.

What each rider prefers is probably more important than the mathematical data which is only imprecisely recorded anyway, in most cases.

That said, i run 23s on three bikes, 28s on two, and 32s on another. if I want to feel like I am going fast, i ride the lightest bike with the skinniest tires. My actual average speed for the ride is a reflection of so many other factors, no valid comparison can be made. How it feels is basically how it is unless I am racing ... which i don't do.

So, as with so many things, the "right" answer for what tire and what pressure is "right" for any rider is totally dependent on what that rider believes it to be.
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