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Originally Posted by cat0020 View Post
As if anyone is looking for a folding bike to start riding in local training rides to go fast?

Going fast is not a priority when someone buy a folding bike, especially at below $100.

If you want to convert a 20" wheel folding bike to ride faster with more energy spent than other bikes, go right ahead...

Right tool for the right job, there are simply far more choices to go fast than a cheap folding bike.

All above are just simple facts.. not just my opinions.
And there's many who purchased a low cost folding bike, then decided they wanted to put $$$ into it to improve speed and performance. You constantly, repetitively droning on and on about what a waste it is, how it's not safe, how it's the legs that make a difference, then go purchase a better bike if what you have is insufficient,...that's all based on your opinion. Constantly reiterating your points over and over won't change the fact that no one else cares but you.

This section thrives on modification,...you need to accept that. If not, move on. 99% of us like to mod our bikes. And this is for folding & non-folding bikes. I've modded all my bikes,... Even swapping a seat is deemed a modification.
If it wasn't for you meddling kids,...
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